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About Us

VTM Consulting is an North Ryde based Consulting firm. We serve businesses and individual clients across Sydney. We have highly qualified and motivated individuals who strive to provide a high level of service.

We do not just preparing our clients' tax returns and financial statements. Our consultants provide proactive, innoative and constructive Sydney property investment consulting services.

We identify problems or opportunities that our clients may not be aware of and to offer the best possible advice to assist them maintain good financial health. We also apply our expertise to our client's affairs in order to plan for the future and ensure that our clients have the best and most tax effective structure possible.

We also provide outsourced IT service for our clients to maintain their current IT infrastructure and provide consulting services for IT solution decision making.

Cyber Secuirty Consulting Service

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Onsite Encryption Services

Health and Wealth Consulting Service

Sydney Property Investment Consulting Services

Company Registration Services

Register a company through VTM Consulting and quickly receive your ASIC ACN certificate, a comprehensive company constitution and all your company set up documents. We are registered ASIC agents so the registration process is online. Cleardocs can also arrange your company's ABN, TFN and GST registrations.

Starting a new business or needing a corporate trustee? We specialize in Company Registration to provides you with a proprietary limited company.

How it Works?

step 1 Complete Online Application
Enter in details about your new company and register in just 5 minutes.

step 2 Lodge Your Application
Your application will be generated and submitted to ASIC instantly.

step 3 Receive ACN & Company Docs
Your ACN and 13 company documents will be delivered to your email.

Once you complete the question interface, you will receive:

  1. An ACN;
  2. Company legal documents including:
  3. Certificate of Registration (or ACN);
  4. Company Constitution;
  5. All other relevant company set up documents; and
  6. A link to your pre-filled Cleardocs order for ABN, TFN and GST registrations (optional extra).
  7. ACN/ABN can be delivered with 24 hour as soonest if all your documents are ready.

Our bookkeeping services

Do you know the discipline of bookkeeping accounts for a large proportion of the accounting process? Our bookkeeping services involve the process of recording, analysing and interpreting the financial transactions of a business for our client.

We can assist you: