About Us

VTM Consulting is a North Ryde based Consulting firm. We serve Cyber Security Solution consulting businesses mainly in Australia and China and individual clients across Sydney. We have highly qualified and motivated individuals who strive to provide a prominent level of service.

We have successfully undertaken cyber security and risk assessments for many organizations. While the objectives of each customer engagement can vary, the focus is on examining the security posture of the organization’s critical technology platforms to ensure that all devices are properly configured and secured. We assist you in the evaluation of the state of your security, operational processes, procedures, and gaps in coverage, as well as identify areas of risk, and provide recommendations for improvement. Our service ranges from random-ware post-attack advice and solution consulting to crypto-currency education and e-wallet protection with our turnkey security software solution.

We also provide outsourced IT service for our clients, especially for project marketing companies in the Real Estate industry, to maintain their current IT infrastructure and provide consulting services for IT solution decision making.

From 9 years ago, we started marketing ourselves through the offering of Company Registration Services. Most of our clients have known our consultants since the first day they set up their business and consult us for many years about all IT Solutions and refer us to more business owners.

Cloud-based SAAS Solution for Off-the-plan project

By subscribing to our VTM SuperEngine Matrix service, you can replace your IT department and reduce your IT cost as a Real Estate agency, focusing on residential off-the-plan projects.

Our software service includes:

  • Setting up the software properly
  • Setting up CRM properly
  • Implement adequate security control
  • Webinars and onsite staff training for software function education
  • Provide general business administrative support

Company Registration Services

Register a company through VTM Consulting and quickly receive your ASIC ACN certificate, a comprehensive company constitution and all your company set up documents. We are registered ASIC agents so the registration process is online. Cleardocs can also arrange your company’s ABN, TFN and GST registrations.

Starting a new business or needing a corporate trustee? We specialize in Company Registration to provides you with a proprietary limited company.

How does it work?

  • step 1 Complete Online Application
  • Enter in your details about your new company and register in just 5 minutes.
  • step 2 Lodge Your Application
  • Your application will be generated and submitted to ASIC instantly.
  • step 3 Receive ACN & Company Docs
  • Your ACN and 13 company documents will be delivered to your email.

Once you complete the question interface, you will receive:

  • An ACN;
  • Company legal documents including:
  • Certificate of Registration (or ACN);
  • Company Constitution;
  • All other relevant company set up documents; and
  • A link to your pre-filled Cleardocs order for ABN, TFN and GST registrations (optional extra).
  • ACN/ABN can be delivered with 24 hours as soonest if all your documents are ready.