Mentoring Services

IT Professional Mentoring Service

We provide professional counselling and advice for individuals and businesses for a fee. Services include career planning, skills training, project guidance, professional contacts, or problem-solving for an individual’s career or within a company.

A typical kind of mentoring in information technology is for the management of a software development project. A professional mentor may be hired for any or all of the phases of software development including the initial planning, architecture, design, development, implementation, debugging and testing, and deployment and installation

Face-to-face mentoring is still the most common form of mentoring, we sometimes use the Internet, and e-mail to mentor individuals or companies. Even if you choose virtual mentoring, it is recommended to meet with your mentor face-to-face at least once for the kick-off session.

Our wealth of experience can provide you with the highest quality career planning advice. At this point in your life, there are many different directions you might want to explore. Our job is to guide you to choose one goal to personalize your talent and experience with us so you can succeed in different places.

Our professional mentoring services include

9 large categories:

  • Business start-up consultation
  • Company registration services
  • Corporate website promotion and marketing services
  • Data Security career advisory
  • Data Science advisory
    • Big data engineer
    • Business analyst
    • Data mining
    • Data scientist
    • Data steward
    • Machine learning engineer
    • Organisational change analyst
    • Programmer
    • Software architect
    • Software developer
  • Security solution implementation services
  • Attitude training program
  • Software testing career advisory
  • Operational planning and information consulting services

Our Core Value

“Provide customers the best advice to save their opportunity cost” is our slogan.